Welcome to UDM International (Pty) Ltd

UDM International (Pty) Ltd has been in existance for some 19 years now and during this time we have experienced exceptional growth within the Sales and Marketing industry, providing our clients with exceptional service and quality products that are both relevant and affordable.

Much of the secret ofour success can be attributed to the commitment and talent of our staff members who all believe strongly in our Mission Statement and understand that success in each area of their lives can only be achieved through dedication to strong ethics, honesty and integrity.

Over the past almost two decades we have seen many new staff members join our organization and grow and develop into highly successful professionals who are passionate in their careers and what they do daily.

Our goal is to continue to further develop our teams of experts and build on our success through dedication to excellence in every aspect of our professional and personal lives.  We strive to surround ourselves with exceptional talent who are as passionate about what they do as what we are and who are actively seeking the benefits and rewards in line with what they are able to contribute to our business.

Growth and development are two words that describe what working at UDM can offer you...