UDM International (Pty) Limited is based in Hyde Park. We are an up-market direct marketing company that works exclusively in the insurance industry. The company was established in 1995 and currently employs 160 staff members.

Our focus is on risk insurance which includes female and male cancer insurance as well as accidental death and disability insurance. We pride ourselves on excellent products and benefits. We do extensive pre-marketing to our prospective clients before we contact them which results in higher sales figures than conventional direct marketing operations. Due to the excellent sales results, our staff members earn above-average salaries. Salaries include a basic salary plus incentives. Our staff are highly remunerated for their individual efforts. This makes our sales environment unique as each person can determine their own salary. The average take-home salary is approximately R26000.00 per month.

We provide full in-house training by our qualified training department. The quality assurance division provides continual feedback and coaching to enhance sales and communication skills. We are a highly professional and target-driven company that develop our staff to achieve a high standard of work.

 UDM International (Pty.) Ltd. is continually growing and designing new campaigns. We recently added a beauty and law division to our company profile. As such, we are looking for excellent individuals to join our team.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team at UDM International (Pty.) Ltd. go to the Home tab or Careers at UDM and upload your cv by clicking on the 'apply now' icon.