“Give me 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening and I promise you good skin.”

-Maria Garcia-

The story

is a beauty product and skin care range that was created with the inspiration of Maria Garcia.

Maria Garcia was born and raised for the first 7 years of her life on the Madeira islands. When she was little her mother used to pick flowers, rubbing them between her hands to draw out the fragrance for the little Maria to smell. When she was older she used to pinch some of the fermented alcohol that her father used to make a Portuguese alcoholic drink from, and mix it with flowers to make her own perfume. The young entrepreneur put her concoctions in purity bottles and sold them to friends for pocket money.

Maria says: "I knew I was different from early on. From a young age, I was in tune with the essence of beauty, and would much rather play in the fields and garden picking up flowers than play with my paper dolls."

Maria's journey had not always been an easy one. As an adult Maria had her share of turmoil. She was a single mom who, out of desperation, started working in a chain
store at the cosmetics counter. She was fortunate however, to have worked for some of the top houses such as Estee Lauder, Dr. Payot, Redken and Jean Gatineau where she was soon noticed.

As she became more involved in the beauty industry, gaining knowledge and experience, she realised that women were desperately grasping at straws, hoping to find a way of making themselves look and feel beautiful. Knowing that she could make a difference to people's lives, her dream and passion became to make good quality skin care available to people from all walks of life.

After selling her first two successful skin care companies, the vision of her own signature range was fulfilled. Maria and Zanta met on a warm February morning in 2008. She repeatedly mentioned that Zanta looked like a famous Italian actress. This meeting marked the beginning of a truly astonishing story and was born.

was developed specifically for the harsh and dry South African climate and offers new hope and amazingly soft skin to women around the country. mission is to make sure that the customer only receives the best and to never compromise on quality, as Maria Garcia said: “Remember, your face tells a story to the world.” It is now the responsibility of the next generation to take the lead and to follow in the footsteps of a very special living legend.


What differentiates the skin care range from others?

S The beauty regime is simple and easy to follow.

S The range is made up of Vitamin Therapy and Essential Oils.

Vitamins are easily absorbed into the skin and play an important role in skin rejuvenation. Most of the range includes Vitamin A & E. Vitamin A has an excellent anti-ageing properties, whilst Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant helping to defend the skin against harmful free radicals*.

Essential oils provide the products with a wonderful natural fragrance. They act as carriers for the active ingredients taking them to the deeper layers of the skin. They also act as natural preservatives, prolonging the shelf life of the products.

What are harmful free radicals?

Free radicals come from smoking, pollution, poisons, fried foods, and as a by-product of normal metabolism. Harmful free radicals cause damage to the cells of the body.


Universal Living is a new and exciting area of marketing within the UDM family. We are directly responsible for the marketing and follow up marketing of all products, under observation of the producers, Platinum Living. Our Sales Campaigns have been tried and tested over the past two years and we are now expanding on our successful model.


Trainees on this campaign will undergo a 3 day training course on product knowledge, soft skills and communication, admin and role calling. They will be selling the starter pack products to clients who have received a voucher to buy it at 50% less. As soon as they meet the targets on this campaign, they will be moved to a base campaign where they will sell the full product hamper to referrals from existing clients. The earning potential is very good and trainees can go permanent within two months if they meet targets. The Universal Living department is growing rapidly and we are looking for dynamic and determined sales agents who can further our growth.

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