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3 CV tips that will wow a recruiter in 6 seconds

How can you set your CV apart from the hundreds of other potential candidates that we as recruiters assess in a day? Here are 3 concepts that impress us: 

1. Keep it to the point.

When it comes to assessing CV’s, we have many to review, so it is important to get to the point. Your CV should be sharp and concise listing your responsibilities, your duties, your skills and your achievements. We make decisions on these areas. If you are achieving awards, meeting targets and have letters of recommendation, we will automatically deduce that you are hardworking, a team player and committed. We look at facts so efficiently listing these helps us pick you from the crowd.

2. Include achievements first, then responsibilities.

Many recruiters want to see examples of why you are the standout candidate for the position.

As recruiters for business, we want to hire candidates that understand this. Listing and being proud to announce what you do to meet and exceed expectations in current and past positions, tells us you are a worthy candidate to bring on board in our business. It indicates that you have abilities that will compliment and develop our current team. We are all successful and committed to these values at UDM, so be proud and blow your own horn. We want to know what targets you exceeded, what clients you won over, what recognition you have received, what bottom lines you contributed to and promotions you received.

3. Talk about your skills.

Likewise, showing that you are qualified for the position is paramount. In sales we look for how you sell best, so list that you have cold calling experience, or call on existing clients and network to build your client database. In our trainers for example, we look for where they implemented creative training techniques and coaching tactics to best develop their staff. 

It is important to both outline coherently what your skills are, but we also look for how you continue to develop these skills as a person in your professional commitment to excellence.