Our Supervisors

Angie Henry

Sales Supervisor 

In the artistry of sales, passion and fervour is a must. Those with an unstoppable will to succeed are very often the ones that do.

At UDM, a place where you are challenged to risk failure in giving the very best of yourself, you will be encouraged and even rewarded for doing just that.

My job as a Sales Supervisor is to make people better – at sales and perhaps even at life too. To show impact and to give inspiration, and in doing so, I have found that I am made better too.

I love my job, and I love that I get to share it with amazing people who love theirs too!

Rochelle Rigney

Sales Supervisor 

My life has changed completely  over the past 4 years and this is all because of UDM.

I started at UDM in 2014 and have grown as an individual and as a supervisor through this time.  UDM is one big family that supports one another, we are a company that embraces individuality, recognizes hard work, awards in abundance and celebrates every success!

You will never find a better company to work!

My home away from home!

Larissa Swart

Sales Supervisor 

It is amazing for me to see how one company can have so many driven and passionate people, all under one roof. UDM is like no other business, I love the fact that you can be yourself in a fun, fast paced environment where no two days are the same. It is fulfilling for me to see and experience how dreams become reality and how individuals grow to their full potential.

Crezandra Evans

Sales Supervisor 

Working at UDM motivates you to continuously learn and better develop yourself, it has given me the opportunity to grow as a part of the business and in my personal capacity. I enjoy working in a fast paced sales environment that challenges me in a new way every day. It is a great honour to work with highly successful people that are driven to always want to give their best.  

Nikita van der Merwe

Sales Supervisor 

UDM has provided me with endless opportunities and has allowed me to grow into the best person I could ever imagine myself to be both personally and professionally. I started my career at UDM in 2011 as a Confirmation Assistant and got promoted to a Quality Assurance Consultant shortly after.


In this position I gained knowledge on both the Insurance as well as the Isabella Garcia side. This then opened the door that led to the opportunity of a lifetime, when I became an Isabella Garcia Sales Supervisor. The best part of working for this amazing company is the fact that I get to work with so many different personalities daily and can help develop and grow individuals into the best parts of themselves. The joy and satisfaction I get from helping people reach their goals and live their best lives is priceless.


The saying is true: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”!

Bronwyn Warmback

Sales Supervisor 

The lessons of personal development are endless at UDM. The culture is very rare at this company, it draws you in, it makes you want more. The culture makes you want to be the best version of your ‘ work self ‘

I have learnt so much as an individual. I am blessed to be able to work with the incredible individuals within my team, these team members are my reason for pushing myself forward into another day.

The vibrant personalities are not few at UDM, what an absolute blessing and honour to be able to work for this dynamic company.

Roxanne Niemandt

Sales Supervisor 

UDM has taught me a wide variety of skills and discipline, I have been with the company for 5 years now, and I have learnt so much about myself. Working under pressure and with deadlines has become a breeze and wanting to continuously do better and strive for the best, is what I work for.

With the opportunities the company has provided, I have been able to accomplish a lot of personal goals, the money is amazing, the growth potential is endless, the ability to be taught and to continue learning is great.

UDM is not just a company but a family.

UDM International (Pty) Ltd.