Training Division 

Hundra Moore

Training Sales Manager

UDM is an ever-changing and  ever-growing company.  The dedication that your co-workers invest in their work, forces you to push yourself and better your own approach daily.

Working here has been a great learning experience and I expect it won't ever lose that quality.

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Lee-Anne Prinsloo

Assistant Training Manager of Skills Development

Great things never come from being in your comfort zone.  Working at UDM means moving outside of your normal boundaries into a challenging dynamic environment that is never static.  Here creativity and innovation are celebrated.  Since 2014, I have had the privilege of partnering with exceptionally talented individuals, who are able to combine ground breaking sales methodologies with hard work and discipline, to achieve extraordinary sales results.  Our strong work ethic and dedication to the development of exceptional sales standards ensure that at UDM we network daily with driven individuals who are pro-active, motivated and focused on making their dreams a reality.  Sales is an exciting career choice.  Be brave - I dare you!