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UDM International (Pty) Limited is a highly successful sales company operating in the financial sector. Our speciality is outbound telephonic sales of financial products to lead sources from various finance companies.

We enhance the client base and client loyalty of the companies we serve by communicating honestly and professionally with each of their clients and promoting products that enhance lives and provide financial security in times of need.

UDM has been a front runner in the call centre industry for 30 years achieving exceptional sales rates at the highest quality. 

Our Mission Statement

At UDM International, our mission is to perpetually elevate the bar of excellence. We aspire to be recognized globally as the pinnacle of professionalism, ethical practices, and success in the realm of direct marketing. Our commitment is to the relentless improvement of our collective capabilities and to the individual growth of each team member.

We strive to cultivate an environment where service excellence is not just a goal, but the standard we live by. In every campaign, with every client interaction, we seek to affirm our status as a leader in our industry. Our dedication extends beyond our immediate objectives, encompassing a broader vision where our daily operations reflect the high ethical and professional standards we champion.

Our ethos is rooted in the belief that consistency in our service is the cornerstone of trust and success.

We endeavor to ensure that every facet of our operation resonates with this mission, from the meticulous training of our staff to the strategic development of our marketing campaigns. It is this unwavering commitment to excellence that propels us forward and sets us apart as a beacon of success


I am very proud to be the Managing Director of a company that is in the business of changing the lives of their employees.  We pay way above market related salaries, we only promote internally, and we are continually growing our business in so-called difficult economic times.  UDM International (Pty) Ltd is a strong and dynamic company, enjoying continual growth over the past 30 years.

Jacqui Van Der Riet

"Don't Wait for Opportunity, Create it."


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