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Embark on an extraordinary career journey with a company that not only recognizes your worth but also provides a platform for rapid professional advancement. We offer more than a job; we promise a fulfilling career where your income, growth, and success are in your hands. Join a vibrant community of driven professionals in an environment that celebrates your ascent to financial freedom and leadership. Discover your potential, join our legacy of success stories, and become an integral part of our family. It's not just an opportunity—it's your future transformed.

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Employee Benefits


One of the ways in which we provide exceptional value is through the wide range of features that we offer. Our team created them to provide every customer with the best possible experience. Explore some of the main features below, and please get in touch to receive additional information.

Good Hours

Monday – Thursday:







All permanent staff members have the opportunity to receive monthly bonuses up to the value of R15 000.00 over and above their basic salary and commission


There are promotion levels within the sales division. On achievement of the promotion standards you will be advanced to the next level where increased earnings and benefits await.

Group Risk Cover

UDM pays your full contribution towards the Group Risk Cover (Life and Funeral cover).

This benefit is applicable to staff members that have been permanently employed with UDM for 3 months.

Medical Aid

UDM belongs to the Discovery Health Medical Aid. We contribute 50% of the main member's monthly premium on the Key Care Plus Plan. 

Travel Subsidy

UDM will reimburse up to R81 per day for all employees using the Gautrain

Leave Incentive

At UDM, all permanent sales staff members are paid for annual approved leave. They will not only receive their basic salary, but also an average incentive for the approved days.

UDM Fit Flo

UDM's Coolest

Employee Benefit: Fit-Flo

The Fit-Flo Philosophy: At Fit-Flo, we focus on overall well-being, not just physical fitness. It's about building a community within UDM that values mental health as much as physical prowess.

What Our Staff Have To Say


Working for UDM for the past 9 years has been life changing to say the least. It has been immensely empowering, and it has afforded me so many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. The entire company is structured in a way that promotes wellness and rewards hard work; so many initiatives every month to make sure that work is fun and rewarding. Its so refreshing to wake up and not dread going to work and to know that effort and hard work will be directly incentivised.

Samantha Holder, Senior Executive Will Amendments Specialist

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