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Welcome To
Fit Flo UDM's
Wellness & Fitness Program

Welcome to Fit-Flo, the essence of wellness at UDM, co-founded by our own Steven Goncalves and Jacqui van der Riet. It's more than a fitness program; it's a commitment to integrating holistic wellness into our daily lives.


Fit Flo Philosophy

At Fit Flo We

FitFlo Logo

focus on overall well-being, not just physical fitness. It's about building a community within UDM that values mental health as much as physical prowess. Our program offers a variety of activities, from conditioning sessions to wellness adventures, all designed to enhance energy, confidence, and mental clarity.

Our Mission We believe in the power of a healthy mind in a healthy body, especially in our high-pressure work environment. Fit-Flo aims to foster a sense of well-being, vitality, and balance among all UDM employees.


Steven Goncalves

Founder & Trainer

Steven is a Pro MMA athlete and fighter.  He is a plant based professional athlete.  

He started Kung Fu at the age of 15 years.   Breathing techniques, flexibility and strength play an integral role in Kung Fu training.  Mental training is also crucial, and this is done through gruelling examinations.

Steven then started doing free running with some of the forerunners of the sport.  He is well versed in Mauy Thai, jujitsu, wrestling, kickboxing and boxing which led him to work in the film industry as a stuntman on Blacksails, Troy, Grimbsby Brothers, Roots, Action Point and more.

Steven is also a breath work practitioner and teacher.

His knowledge of conditioning training has been gained through years of preparing fighters and himself for the rigours of combat sport.

He is a personal trainer and the Founder of Fit-Flo.


Jacqui van der Riet

UDM MD & Fit Flo Founder

Jacqui has always enjoyed sports and has led a healthy lifestyle since the age of 10 years when her dad said she would be a chubby checker all her life .  She proved him wrong.


When she left school, she studied anatomy and physiology and had a dream of owning a wellness centre.  Life led her in a business direction, and she has built up a successful sales business employing over 400 staff.


Her dream of bringing wellness into her business has now become a reality with Fit-Flo.  The wellness program is available to all employees and together they are training, breathing, eating healthy and exploring all sorts of adventurous wellness experiences.


Jacqui has summited Mt Kilimanjaro, completed four Cape Argus Cycling Events and two 94.7 cycle challenges.  She has also swum the Midmar Mile.  Jacqui trains daily with her fitness coach and assists Steven in leading the Fit-Flo classes.

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