Over the last 27 years, UDM has grown into a highly successful, one of a kind, referral-based outbound call centre with over 300 highly talented and successful sales staff who are passionate about what they do each and every day.  Growth and development are two words that describe what working at UDM can offer you.


Are you looking for the opportunity of a lifetime where you are able to finally be paid what you are worth, be in control of your monthly income at all times and achieve total financial freedom in a short time frame?  Look no further...

Best support staff, trainers, mentors and management



It's not only the opportunities for growth and development that attract ONLY THE VERY BEST TALENT to our business. It is also the friendly environment that is constantly abuzz with the high energy and enthusiasm. This is brought by each of our sales consultants, support staff, trainers, mentors and management team and contributes towards the overall success of the business on a daily basis. We are proud of our strong sense of family unity. 

Developing and Promoting


We believe in developing and promoting our staff and as a result have many success stories of staff members who have started at the bottom and worked their way up in the business within a few short years.