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Chantel Naidoo

Recruitment Manager

I love being a part of a company that changes lives - literally!  When I joined UDM, I had the pleasure of meeting so many sales staff who told me about their backgrounds and about the opportunities, like financial freedom,  that UDM provided for them.  UDM rewards hard work by means of great incentives, recognition and career growth.  I enjoy the constant challenges, that provides me with recognition, career growth and opportunities.  Most of all, I enjoy the fun, family orientated culture that we have!


Caroline Van Zyl

Recruitment Supervisor

I started at UDM International 8 years ago in the recruitment department. Throughout the years, I still feel like I did the first day I started - excited! Excited to see people grow and develop everyday into who they were meant to be. I have seen the stories people talk about myself and it is magical and touching till this day. UDM is a company where you can find your true potential again.


UDM International has given me the opportunity to keep my promise and turn my dream into a reality.  It’s a company where you can be more and live the life you deserve.


Push yourself, achieve your dreams, because nobody else will do it for you. Make sure you don’t stop until you’re proud.

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Front row (left to right): Diana Rorke, Lucille Jacobs, Chantel Naidoo, Caroline Van Zyl, Charnette Gouws.

Back row (left to right): Wian Mulder, Kim Goff, Albertyn Smit, Chantel Smit, Cashé Niemand.